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Cross-Industry Video & Live Streaming Platform 

 Video & Editorial-Centric.  Secure.  Flexible.
Intelligent.  Reliable.  Compliant

What Makes Our Enterprise Video Platform Unique

CATIACAST is for anyone who works with video and digital content. CATIACAST simplify content creation, management, distribution, sharing, live streaming, and delivery. CATIACAST offers the greatest flexibility of various industries and platform integrations, application deployment scenarios, platform customizations, and enterprise video and media use case enablement depending on specific industry or business needs. 

 The Cross-Industry Video Platform

News Publishers, Live Events & Broadcasters

CATIACAST is a state-of-the-art video and editorial-centric platform. It combines powerful editorial and newsroom workflow features and an end-to-end live streaming, broadcasting, news creation, production, sharing and distribution platform.

In The Newsroom

Create, edit, find, retrieve, manage, share, and publish every atom of content in all of your digital content from one editorial-centric platform.

Create Once, Publish Everywhere

Manage the production process from creation to distribution across all channels in a single headless centralized editorial-centric platform.

 Publishers & Broadcasters

Boost video and digital contents, simplify live streaming, live events, broadcasting, sharing, and distribution.

In one consolidated platform, securely capture and stream any type of live or on-demand video and deliver to all devices anytime, in any bandwidth condition. Deliver high-quality video experiences to internal and external audience around the globe, with unparalleled reliability and scalability at a low cost. CATIACAST specializes in delivering scalable and comprehensive enterprise video streaming solutions across your company’s organizational units. With a secure, reliable and network-friendly enterprise video platform, CATIACAST caters to diverse business video needs – all in a centralized and highly integrated solution. In a flexible and easy-to-use enterprise video platform, CATIACAST helps you leverage the power of live and on-demand video to connect, engage and empower your employees to record, stream, share, manage, and analyze insights from your videos. 


Enterprise & Corporate Communication

Push enterprise communications to a new level
Unleash the Power of Video for Effective Communications.
Educate, Communicate & Engage with Enterprise Video, images and business podcasts.
Securely Manage all your digital assets from a single platform and access it anytime, anywhere.
Increase employee engagement and productivity
Host, Distribute and Engage using a Single Video Platform

Training & Education

Deliver online courses and knowledge in the most engaging, reliable and secure way.
CATIACAST is an ultimate solution for online lessons, regardless of the complexity.
Create rich media collections to address any specific task you may have.
Analyze how your audience interacts with content, manage teams from a single dashboard.
Get access to personal branding, unlimited publishing, extra traffic and more.
Using multimedia for education transforms the learning process into an engaging experience.
CATIACAST provides a full set of professional tools to host, organize and publish interactive materials online.
CATIACAST lets you showcase your content in stand-alone media library. Also, it let's you embed it to your website, use it with Moodle, and display it on a big TV screen with the help of a Chromecast device.

Marketing & Sales

Drive Traffic, turn audience into leads, leads into customers.
Direct one-to-one marketing

Increasing loyalty and lead nurturing

Increasing reach and engagement

Lead generation


Streaming video platform for insurance providers
Enhance efficiency of internal communications, insurance agent onboarding, and claims processing.
Faster claims processing
Evidence collection from policyholders portal
Improved policies & claims leakage
Executive messaging and internal communication
Investor relations and public communications
Digital marketing and customer communication

Financial Servies

Video streaming solutions for digital transformation in banking and capital markets.
Executive messaging and policy announcements
Investor relations and external communications
Collaboration and knowledge sharing across global teams
Incorporate enterprise video in all organizational units amid a fast digitizing banking ecosystem.
Deploy your video platform with the industry’s best cloud security and compliance offerings.
Leverage your on-premises datacenters while also benefiting from cloud innovations in hybrid cloud.
Optimizing training and learning for global employees
Reach global employees with automatically transcribed and translated multilingual videos.
Provide rich live or on-demand training to worldwide employees for standardized training quality.
Make your learning videos interactive and track user engagement to determine video training ROI.
Find the right learning videos within seconds in a highly searchable video solution with smart video search.
Manage both video and non-video assets in a digital media platform for organization-wide use.
Empower employees, partners, and clients with the right information across a securely accessible digital platform.

Health Care

A complete healthcare video platform for enhanced continued medical education, patient engagement, and internal communication.
Video simulation and staff training
Interactive video for engaged learning
Highly searchable CME learning videos
Patient engagement and interactive webinars
Integrated health records for quality aftercare
Trackable patient videos for compliance
Collectively store & manage large telehealth audio/ video files as per telemedical records requirements.
Automatically import telehealth video files into CATIACAST via integration with teleconferencing system.
Store all video documentation in an industry-compliant platform with enterprise-grade security.
Live broadcast events and conferences
Collaborative video sharing
Live surgeries and webinars


Secure Video Streaming Platform For Government & Military
Inter-office all hands meetings
Mission critical agency collaboration
User-generated content documentation
Emergency response messaging
Fueling good governance with secure video communications
Quick and scalable communication
Onboarding and simulation training
Compliance and IT training
Collectively store and manage large surveillance video files and digital evidence files for law enforcement agencies.
Combine various forms of digital evidence such as videos, photos, audio recordings, electronic documents, etc. for sharing between law enforcement agencies and courtroom presentations.
Highly searchable videos with automatic video transcription, closed captioning, and redaction for efficient evidence processing and management.


 CATIACAST Video-Editorial Platform is for anyone who works with video and digital content. CATIACAST simplify content creation, management, distribution, sharing, live streaming, and delivery. CATIACAST video platform leverages the world famous Wowza Streaming Engine™ software to enable industrial strength live and on-demand streaming for our customers. 

Capture & Record

CATIACAST provides a varieties of hardware encoders capture devices, mobile capture, software capture, and live stream capture options, making video capture easy, flexible and affordable.

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Media Workflows

CATIACAST powerfull and simple interface provides all the tools you need to ingest, creat, edit, manage, organize, catalog, search, analyze and publish your content to a variety of destinations and devices.

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CATAIACAST Video platform delivers video to a variety of devices and networks. We make video easy with mobile encoding recipes, device detection, custom players and content delivery networks.

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Capture & Record

Hardware Capture

CATIACAST video platform enables video ingestion from any industry-standard encoder devices (Matrox, Cerevo, Winnov, Crestron, Tandberg, and more).

Mobile Capture

Use the CATIACAST Live app to ingest live stream from your iPhone, iPad or Android device, or use any standard mobile capture device.

Software Capture

CATIACAST Video platform enables ingestion from a variety of software captures (Telestream Wirecast, OBS, Vmix, XSplit, and more).

Live Stream Capture

CATIACAST Video platform enables live streams capture  from a varieties of web and RTMP sources, then play, broadcast, and record into CATIACAST media library.

Screen Capture

CATIACAST provide screen capture solution enabling capture, editing and publishing into CATIACAST and your LMS/CMS or any other channel.

YouTube Capture

CATIACAST provide YouTube capture solution enabling capture, editing and publishing into CATIACAST and your or any other channel.

WebCam Capture

CATIACAST provide WebCam capture solution enabling capture, editing and publishing into CATIACAST and your LMS/CMS or any other channel.

Offline Video Streaming

CATIACAST provide offline video live streaming from CATIACAST media library, enabling broadcasting, and distributing live streams.

Media Workflows

Ingest Media

CATIACAST is neutral file format, enabling to ingest videos, images, graphics, text, or any type of digital assets, including RSS & News-Wires feeds.


Use CATIACAST to create and edit metadata fields to catalogue, describe, manage and search video, audio, images, and any other digital content.


CATIACAST Video platform enables content managers and viewers can search through titles, keywords, descriptions, annotations, metadata and more.

Video Conversion

CATIACAST Video platform simplifies video encoding by producing high-quality video and audio files automatically.

Annotate & Search Video

CATIACAST Video platform allows content managers to enrich the viewing experience by creating searchable captions and video annotations.

Trim & Join Video

Use the CATIACAST Video platform trim feature to set the start point and end point of captured content. also use the join feature to merge multiple videos. 

Custom Encoding 

CATIACAST Video platform features a large amount of encoding presets that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Video Security

CATIACAST Video platform provides end-to-end content protection so you can make sure your media is viewed only by authorized viewers.

Auto-Account Creation

Use the CATIACAST Video platform supports automatic account creation based on identity provider group or affiliation, simplifying account management.

Analytics & Reporting

CATIACAST Video platform includes built-in analytics that provide you with the information and insight you need to successfully manage your video content.

Interface Branding

CATIACAST Video platform offers centralized or distributed interface and player branding options, satisfying your entire organization.

Flexible Management

CATIACAST Video platform flexibility enables customers to leverage centralized, decentralized or hybrid management models.

End-to-End Workflows

CATIACAST Video platform orchestrate your video and digital content workflow from end-to-end capture and ingestion, management and publishing options.

Custom Workflows

CATIACAST Video platform enables users to create custom workflows to accelerate large-scale video and digital content ingest, encoding and delivery.

Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR)

CATIACAST Video platform ABR streaming guarantees a smooth playback experience, no matter what connection speed or device your viewer is using.

Bulk Operations

Use CATIACAST Video platform  bulk upload, bulk publish and bulk delete features to speed up workflows and activities in CATIACAST media libraries.

Video editing Application Integration

CATIACAST Video platform is tightly integrated with Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas video editing applications, this tight integartion opens you a great video editing functionalities and productivities.

Diverse Upload Format Support

CATIACAST Video platform can convert a comprehensive set of upload formats to ensure all uploaded videos can be viewed on any device, or any platforms.

Watch Directories

CATIACAST Video platform Watch Directory is a powerful, flexible mechanism for ingesting content into your CATIACAST media libraries.


CATIACAST Video platform allows third parties to Integrate our video platform into your own solution by using our developer API.


Video Player

CATIACAST Video platform offers a fast loading video player that can be branded and skinned based on your needs.


CATIACAST Video platform enables users to build, customize and publish video playlists.

Mobile & HTML5

CATIACAST Video platform player automatically detects the device of the viewer and displays the video in the proper player for their device.

Scheduled Publishing

CATIACAST Video platform scheduled publishing feature allow users to publish a video at a specific date and time.

Content delivery networks (CDN)

CATIACAST Video platform enables seamless video delivery without bandwidth, latency or network challenges to your audience anywhere around the globe using your CDN of choice.

YouTube Stream Delivery

CATIACAST Video platform enables seamless video delivery to YouTube live channels.


CATIACAST Video platform enables seamless video delivery to Periscope live.

Embedded Player

CATIACAST Video platform provides embedded player code that automatically detects the device of the viewer and displays the video in the proper player for their device.


We offer a flexible set of deployment options.
Self-Hosted, Hybrid-Hosted, Cloud-Hosted, and Multi-Tenant
In order to serve you better and try CATIACAST video platform for free, please contact us at: 



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